Tips on Getting “BUY IN” for Video Mystery Shopping

I can just hear it now. The sales manager is speaking to the sales team at the Monday morning sales meeting…”We have hired to come in and secretly film you while you’re selling. This will then be posted on their website for you to review what you did wrong!”

Wow, now that’s the WRONG way to get buy in for video shopping.

Here’s some tips on how to maximize your investment to video shop your sales team.

1-Announce video shopping and give everyone a copy of the scorecard they will be graded on. This scorecard should match your training.

2-Attach a bonus to a top score and explain that a video shop is like “game film” which will help your team close more sales.

3-When the shops are complete, have each salesperson self score and then meet one on one to discuss and review

4-Set an action plan together for improvement and praise for areas that were positive.

5-Highlight all positives from each salesperson in your sales meeting and discuss the negatives anonymously.

6-Tell them that video shoppers will be visiting throughout the year to keep them on their game.

7-Get a summary report from your shopping company and train on the overall weak areas

8-Get in the field and role play in their sales environment

9-Explain how video shopping is better than a written shop since the subjectivity has been removed. In the old style of shopping, they were at the mercy of a shopper’s  “opinion”

10-Use the example of Tiger Woods. He excells at his craft because he video tapes himself constantly and works to perfect his swing.


And, lastly, remind them that you are paying for them to see themselves with a “real” customer in order to tweak their presentation and close more sales. How great is THAT?

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