“Are You Networking or Notworking?”

“Are you Networking or NOTworking?”

I belong to 3 professional Associations and approximately 4 networking groups. I see many people there making the same mistakes time and time again and they seem to be “NOTworking” then “networking”. Here are my top 10 tips to “Network”

1-Don’t be a business card psycho, shoving 3 of your cards into everyone’s hands as they say hello.

2-Understand that the purpose of networking groups is to build a comfort level with you and THEN you may get direct business or a referral.

3-Become a matchmaker. When you meet someone, ask them what a good lead is for them and then think of your contacts and who would match up. Have a “Give to Get” Mentality.

4-This may seem obvious but NEVER sit with someone you work with or know. The only way to meet new people is to sit with ones you don’t know.

5-Ask questions and listen intently. Write on their card so you can remember details.

6-Don’t expect instant results. Networking and developing relationships with people takes time

7-Keep coming back. It works if you work it. I know some people who go once or twice to an event and say “that didn’t work”. Networking is an ongoing, long term commitment.

8-SMILE. If you’re not feeling the love, stay home. Approach people with a warm welcome that says “I’m likeable”

9-Follow up right away. I wish I had a dollar for everyone I’ve met and I told them I had a need but then never heard back from them!

10-Volunteer to speak at your networking group. They usually offer a short “showcase” opportunity where you can tell more about what you do and the perfect lead for you. Speaking positions you as the expert.

Set a goal to attend a minimum of 2 networking meetings each week and watch your sales increase!

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