Video Shops Help Clients Sell More Homes!

I just heard from a very ecstatic client in Wilmington, North Carolina. Out of the 8 SR’s he has, 2 of them scored OVER 90% on our video shopping scorecard. This happens to 1% of the SR’s we shop nationwide. We immediately ship a gold Oscar statue to that SR engraved with “Melinda Brody and Company Star Performer”. I called the client to congratulate him and here’s what he said…

“We are dedicated to training and shopping because we are seeing that the two combined equal sales results. We attended Bob Schultz’s Boot Camp and the combination of Bob’s training and your video shopping kept my SR’s accountable. I rolled up my sleeves and worked with them in the field coaching and practicing and the results were increased sales…this stuff really works…”

Now, let’s contrast that with several other clients we are currently working with. They are upset due to sluggish sales, poor attitudes and low shop scores. Who gets the blame here? Sales managers who don’t know how to embrace coaching and training are not going to help their team increase sales.Moving forward to 2010, training needs to be back in the budget. Having no training plan and expecting continued sales is wishful thinking.


Here are 9 things you can do RIGHT NOW  to jump-start your 2010 Training Plan:

1-Sign up for the International Builders Show in Las Vegas

2-Sign up for the various Boot Camps being offered

3-Attend your local Sales & Marketing events

4-Purchase  sales books and have a book of the month club

5-Purchase CD’s, DVD’s and start watching them in your weekly sales meetings

6-Have each SR team up with another SR and teach a 20 minute segment on a sales topic each meeting

7-Role play difficult customer scenarios

8-Shop other sales environments (car dealers, apartment communities,etc) and write-up a report to discuss

9-Schedule your team to be video shopped and coach on the results


 To stay sharp, focused and competitive, SR’s must be continuously trained and evaluated.

I will look for you at the Sales Rally in Vegas. International Builders Show. January 20th.  No excuses!


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