Sales Rock Stars build their fan club-do you??

Lady GaGa makes Madonna look like Julie Andrews. Lady GaGa just sold out the UCF Arena (University of Central Florida..originally booked at Hard Rock Live but too small)
with her bold, weird, wacky show. She has a definate grip on who her audience is and worships her fans with a vengence.
The lady herself calls it “the Church of GaGa” and she compares herself to Tinker Bell because “without the comfort of her fans, I would die.” She yells to the crowd, “I can’t live with out you!”. She was interviewed after the concert and said, “My fans are the most important thing to me in the whole world”.
Can you imagine that level of dedication and loyalty from your buyers? Wow!
How do you achieve that kind of following and break out from being a “boring Lounge Lizard” to an amazing “Sales Rock Star”?

Here’s an example of what I mean….
I recently order new business cards from Alphgraphics in Lake Mary, Florida. The order was “rushed” and I was headed to a speaking gig and needed them before I left town. I needed to pick them up Friday before 5:00PM but I got sidetracked and when I looked up from my computer , it was 4:55PM and I was 1/2 hour away from the store. I called in a complete panic but they reassured me, I would have my cards for my Monday morning presentation. The person in charge asked me where I lived and then we discovered, I would be eating out Friday night at a restaurant 1/2 way between my home and the printer’s store. In between my Cosmo and my tilapia dinner, Danny arrived with the cards, had me look at them for approval and drove off. Was that a Rock Star move? You bet!
My UPS store. I get my mail there. The people that work there are like family and always take care of me. When I’m out of town, they not only send an email that I received a package but occasionally, they will leave a message on who the package is from so I know what has arrived. I was there yesterday picking up my new “Sales Rock Star” t-shirts (do you see a recurring theme here?) and they carried the 2 heavy boxes out to my car and loaded them in for me. Am I a happy fan? You bet.
One more example. My handyman Tim Jones. He is so trsuted by me that when he comes over to do a list of items, I leave a blank signed check on the kitchen table and a key to lock up my house. He is fast, efficient, fair on price ,cleans up and does the work correctly the first time. Do I refer him? Of course as I am a loyal fan.
Develop your fan club and go out of your way to keep them singing your song in their head!

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