“Video Mystery Shops Show Poor Connecting Skills”

Our benchmark study from 42 builders last year shows many trends in video shopping. One of things we notice is how fast a sales rep starts discussing product and takes the focus off the buyer.

We need to build rapport before we build a home! Here are 7 easy ways to make the connection and build trust with your buyers:

1-Greet someone like they’re your long, lost friend.
Remember going to your High School reunion? When you saw an old classmate, you were so happy and excited. How about injecting some of that energy to our buyers who walk in the door and make them feel incredible about visiting. What if Brad Pitt or Halle Berry walked in? Wow! What a different approach you would take. PRETEND! FOOL YOURSELF! Your initial greeting sets the tone for the entire visit, for sure.

2-Speak their language
Practice, drill and rehearse the “DISC” program. My friend Charles Clarke III teaches “Bulls, Owls, Tigers and Lambs”. Learning who your buyer is quickly will help you speak in the language that they relate to. A “D” (Driver) walking in wants direct answers and to lead the tour. An “I” (Expressive) wants to schmooze, is very friendly, wants to know about the social activities going on. An “S” (Supporter) is into family, wants someone who can empathize with them and not be pushy. A “C” (Calculator) wants charts, graphs and proof to your claims.
Salespeople need to be chameleons and adjust their personality to ‘click” better with different types of buyers walking in.

3-Use their name during the visit
Don’t overdo this. It’s too “sales-y”. But don’t continue to call your buyers “folks”. Also, don’t keep saying, “I’m terrible at remembering names”. What you say becomes reality. You can be better at this skill by slowing down, paying attention, writing the name down, repeating it and using it.

4-Sincere compliment-everyone responds to thi
Find something nice to say when your buyers walk in. Perhaps their clothes, jewelry, car, kids, etc. Everyone warms up when you compliment them.

5-Common ground
This is the best way to connect. What do you have in common? Kids? Where you’re from? Same sports team? I just went to a networking event here in Orlando and at my table was someone from my home town (Plainview, NY) who graduated the same year, just different High School. Instead of “tell me about your business”, we connected about Plainview and built a connection. Connection leads to trust.

6-Slow down
There must be an Olympic sport…”how fast can you get in the model home?” On our video shops, we see people literally running to the model. Why the rush? Try slowing the buyer down with some refreshments and concentrate on the upfront “interview” to determine their needs, wants, budget, time frame, etc so you which model to even go to.

7-You talk, I’ll listen

My mom was in an assisted living community for 6 months. She was 86 and getting very tired. When I would walk in, her eyes would open and she would always say, “You talk, I’ll listen”. Wow. Shouldn’t that be the motto of ALL salespeople on the planet? We need to really listen, not wait our turn to talk. (I miss you mom!)
We need to work on a “dialogue, not a monologue”

When the dialogue is over, rapport is good and I have discovered your issues and situation, only then, can we begin the tour and at the end, I will get your true info on the registration card because I earned it and you feel comfortable with me.
I transformed in front of your eyes from annoying, pushy salesperson to “trusted advisor” helping you with this complicated, scary decision to purchase a new home, now.

Your job is to connect with the majority of prospects.

The more you connect, the more you build trust


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