“My Top Producer Scored Low on Their Shop”


Sound familiar? Are you ready to call and fire your shopping company because you are throwing away money? Well, put down the phone and let us explain….

A top producer sells well ANYWHERE. If a sales agent has an excellent PRODUCT, with  a great PRICE, PLACE (Location), and PROMOTION, they are simply taking orders. The product sells itself. They are simply going for the “low hanging fruit”.  It’s called , “cherry picking.”

 If  a “Top Producer” followed a process and closed better, think how many MORE sales could you capture? Want to test this?? Do as my clients in Jacksonville did. He puts his Top Producer in a poor location and offers them an increased commission. He sees great results because a Top Producer can sell and close anywhere, not just where there is awesome model, great pricing, great promotions and great location.

 Usually a Top Producer does things “their way” because it worked over the last few years.  Well, “their” way may be to sit there and line up the buyers. In today’s market arena, only someone who is pro-active and good at closing can convert buyers. Your “Top Producer” may be even offended by video shopping. When you dig deeper, you may see how little of the selling process they use and the bad shop simply exposes their bad habits and laziness.

 A great salesperson worth their salt welcomes a shop to showcase “how it’s done right”. They volunteer to role play to “show the rookies how it’s done”.  If they are hiding, making excuses for poor performance and crying “unfair”, be certain you look at the whole picture first.

 A video shop is one glimpse into their performance. Analyze the whole picture and look at the 4 P’s. Shop them a 2nd time before drawing conclusions. Move them to a “medium” community before the “dog” one and test them there. You may be surprised at the results.


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