“How to Integrate Training, Shopping and Coaching to Turn Your Team Into Top Closers”

Many of our clients call and order shops. . When I ask them what their objectives are and what is their  game plan with the results, they are a little vague.. The answer to the first questions is, “of course, not fire them but check their weaknesses and work on those.” The problem is, they don’t have a process in place. If there is no plan, they will be disappointed when the 2nd shops also come in with low scores.

In order to get the “best bang for your buck”, a training plan must be mapped out in advance with video shopping  being one component.

Our suggestion when speaking to clients is the following:

  1. First, get “buy in”. Video shopping is in the SR’s best interest as the shopper is on tape as well. There is no inaccuracies or misinterpretations. It is what it is. The top producers welcome a video shop so they can see where improvements need to be made.
  2. SR’s must sign a release allowing taping. This should be part of their employment agreement upon hiring. Give them a copy of the shopping report and explain the criteria. If you have a specific training process, have the report match up to those training objectives to see if the training is being implemented in the field.
  3. Do an initial “benchmark” shop of all SR’s. Study the scores and trends so you can focus your training specifically on weak areas. Try to find something positive on every shop and announce at your sales meeting.
  4. Have each SR watch their shop and self score. Schedule a private meeting with each SR to watch the tape together and analyze good and bad selling skills. Develop an action plan for improvements.
  5. Study the Trend report of all the scores and base your training on the weak areas for the next 30-60days. Training should be ongoing in the weekly sales meeting in addition to working with SR’s in the field. Training in the sales meeting should consist of: guest trainers, training DVD’s, role plays, case studies, etc.
  6. Re-shop your team and go through the above steps again.

It’s a proven fact that builders who have a training game plan in place that includes video shopping are taking their agents from ineffective order takers to pro active top closers.

Some of our clients admit that they never watched the SR’s videos at all. No surprise that they are doing poorly.

What’s YOUR game plan??

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