Tax credit is gone, now what?

The frenzy is over! What now? The tax credit is over! Oh no! What can we do? Well…..

Here’s a “quirky” idea to consider: How how about a “free sample”, “try us out for a day?” Before you click off this blog, think about how other wildly  successful companies get you to “test drive” their product and then buy it. Who says we can’t do this with ours?

Here’s some examples:

1-Costco. Am I the only frugal person who has goes to my local Costco at noon so I can have a free lunch while there? There was over 15 free taste samplings last weekend. And guess what? It worked! I DID buy the  frozen orange chicken fillets…yummy!

2-The Riverview Bed and Breakfast, New Smyrna Beach, Fl. I stayed there on my birthday last month and the sheets on the bed were super soft. I am talking baby powder, amazing! There was a small sign next to the bed to “check out these amazing sheets in the gift shop”. Wow, I was “test driving” sheets! Cool idea. I have 3 sets already, so I didn’t purchase but I asked the front desk lady and she said they were flying off the shelves and currently they were on back order!

3-Car dealers. Of course, we would never consider a car purchase before we took it out for spin.

4-Consultants-from Financial Planners, CPAs to Small Business Advisors, I have run across several businesses that offer a “free” consultation.

5-Melinda Brody and Company, Inc. Times are tight. Budgets are tight. I offer a FREE shop to “try us out” before you commit to working with us with your entire team. We have won over allot of reluctant builders but when they “test drive” our shops, they signed on.

What can home builders offer as a “test drive” or “free sample”? Think about all the different ways:

1-Offer a “free” staging service so the prospect’s current home will sell quicker.

2-Suggest the local Realtor who can offer your prospects a “free” market analysis for their current home.

3-Give them a “free” white paper on reasons to buy now and not wait.

4-Invite to “experience” the community (“test drive”) in a variety of ways

–Invite them to a homeowner party

-Invite them to an informative seminar on home ownership, landscaping, decorating, etc

-Invite them to a free round of golf, free workout at your fitness center, free use of your pool, etc.

-Be BOLD and invite them to STAY at one of your available homes!!

Getting your prospects to “try you out” is a small committment on the road to a “yes, I’ll take it! I love it here.”

Share some of your cool “try us out” ideas…. Please add a comment

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