“Tag Line + Tip + Tchotchke”

I was with my friend, Mindy Black ( Inner Beauty Skin Care) brainstorming ways to market her business. The BEST ideas are always on a back of a napkin  or a paper place mat. Well, this time it was a place mat and we were talking over breakfast at a Bob Evans in Ocala after just leaving a leads group where I spoke earlier that morning.

Mindy’s challenge was to come up with a “memorable” tag line for her skin care business. I turned over the place mat and we began to write.
“What are the outcomes or benefits you deliver to your customers?” Always start with the benefits or ‘what’s in it for me?”. We wrote furiously “glowing skin”, “reduced wrinkles” “feeling more confident” “looking radiant” “Looking younger”, etc. The words “glow” and “wrinkles” stuck with us because since I’ve been going to Mindy and using her products at home, that’s the comments I have been getting about my skin.

Then we took those two words and tried to come up with a short snappy rhyme.

And then it came to us:

“Your wrinkles will go, your skin will glow”. Perfect. Then we thought of the tchotchke (Yiddish for “promotional product”!!). The giveaway would be a glow stick with Inner Beauty’s website on it. Ta da!

That’s the formula for standing out in the crowd and being remembered……Have a TAG LINE. Have a TIP. Have a Tchotchke.

The “Tip” part is when you are called on to do your 60 second infomercial at the networking group, you give the audience VALUE in the form of a tip. My friend Ruth Stern came up with us. Her observation is that everyone at a networking meeting says the same thing each time but if they were to stand and give a different ‘tip”, everyone would tune in  and listen more.

Mindy’s might go like this….

Hi, I’m Mindy Black with Inner Beauty Skin Care where “your wrinkles will go, your skin will glow. One tip for keeping your skin fresh is….”(gives a tip) And then she brings a few glow sticks to the meeting to pass out.

I attend several networking meetings and I’ve heard some great “tag lines”:

Plumber: “We’re Number 1 in the Number 2 business!”

Fred’s Mobile Car Service: “If your car is dead, call Fred”

Cosmetics: “How old you are is YOUR business. How old you look is mine!”

Speaker/Sales Coach (Yours truly) “If you need help to sell, call on Mel. “Are you looking for a speaker who walks their talk?” (My give-a-ways are small wind up teeth with legs with my web site address on them)

Ok, stop reading..time to get to work on YOUR tag line, tip and tchotchke ! Send me your ideas!

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