How to Stay Up in Down Times

“The market is terrible right now…”

“No one buys a house on the first visit…”

“The competition is giving it away and stealing all our prospects…”

“Traffic is really slow…”

The above statements all have a common denominator: they are all negative and if dwelled upon by the on-site salesperson, will only produce negative results.

When times are slow, the outstanding salespeople still write contracts and create “be-backs”. It is always attributed to their positive attitudes. They have found a way to maintain their enthusiasm when everyone else is down and discouraged.

It is not impossible. Here are some tips to remain up in the down times:

  • Don’t call negative, whining, complaining friends or co-workers while at work. Associate yourself with top producers.
  • On a slow day. Bring in a motivational tape or book full of inspirational success stories to recharge your batteries.
  • Make a list of all your accomplishments (personal and professional) over the past five years. Give yourself that necessary pat on the back!
  • Get back on track with your sales goals and challenge yourself to write one more contract than last month.
  • Create more qualified traffic yourself through real estate friends, corporate contacts, and chamber of commerce networking. Tap into your present homeowners for qualified referrals.
  • Shop your competitors and find their weak areas that you can sell against.
  • Repeat this each morning when a prospect drives up to your sales office: “Here comes my next buyer.”
  • Sign up for the next HBA educational program.

It is impossible to be down and active at the same time. Doing something, anything, to turn the down time around will instantly inspire and encourage you. Somebody is out there today, looking for a home. They should buy it at your community!

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