Mystery Shopping Sales Tip: Are you prepared to pass the test?

I have to share something with you all. I have had a recurring nightmare for decades.   I’m sitting in my high school calculus class and all of a sudden my teacher, Mr.  Wiggins, surprises us with a POP QUIZ! Fear and panic overtake me! My stomach tightens up and my palms get sweaty,   I am on the verge of fainting. He hands me the test paper, and I choke. I have no idea what the answer is to If f(2)=3 and (f)'(2)=5, find an equation of a) the tangent line, and b) the normal line to the graph of y=f(x) at the point where x=2’!  

Fortunately, at this point in the dream I wake up…usually in a cold sweat!

The reason I get so panicked in my dream is because I realize I am not prepared to take the test. And there is no way I am going to pass.

As new home sales professionals, we are faced with tests and pop quizzes every day in our sales offices. Often times we are not prepared to pass these tests and make the new home sale. So, how can we properly prepare to pass these tests?  

I have developed what I to refer to as the 5 M’s of Making the Sale. Incorporate these tips into your business plan; I guarantee you will see significant improvement in your new home sales skills and your paycheck!

  1. Mentor – Do you have someone you look up to in the industry? Someone you trust to give you honest feedback? Try hiring a new home sales or business coach. They will help keep you accountable and on track with your goals.
  2. Mastermind – Create a group with 3 or 4 other sales people and meet on a regular basis to set goals, encourage each other, and stay focused. I am personally part of a mastermind group and I have seen the positive impact it has made on my business!
  3. Motivate – Reward yourself when you meet your goals! In sales, it is vital that we stay motivated. Keep your eye on the prize! It’s a lot easier to make cold calls when you know a trip to Hawaii is the reward!
  4. Make the Rounds – Network, network, and network.   People are our business! Join a leads group, a networking group, or even the chamber of commerce.  People need to know who you are and what you do!
  5. Measure Your Success – How are you actually doing?  Do you really know?  How do your customers perceive you and your technique? Mystery Video Shopping is an excellent way to *see* yourself in action! Another tip, after each sales call you make, use a tape recorder to record your thoughts on how you felt the call went. You can use these methods to identify areas you may need to improve upon.

Even though I’m still not sure I could pass my calculus test, I do know Mr. Wiggins would be delighted to know what a profound impact he made on me!

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