Video Mystery Shopping Tip: Plant Your Seeds, Grow Your Sales!

Being a native New Yawker, I have never really considered myself much of a ‘gardening, green thumb’ type of person. Heck, I’ve never even owned a pair of gardening gloves! Most of the plants in my home are of the artificial variety, meaning they still look good even if I don’t water them! I have always admired and actually been more than a little envious of those with a natural green thumb; it was just never my calling! So, you can imagine my surprise last weekend when Howard suggested we do some ‘gardening’ together. I didn’t even know that word was in the man’s vocabulary!

So, off we went into our backyard to ‘garden’. I must admit, working in the dirt really was very therapeutic! Howard and I spent hours out there carefully planting the seedlings, and then meticulously watering and fertilizing our little garden. Believe it or not, this experience reminded me of the relationship between new home sales managers and their sales teams! When I am watching Video Mystery Shops each week I can immediately tell which sales people have been properly cared for in their ‘sales gardens’. It’s amazing the positive results you can get when you “tend” to your new home sales team in much the same way a gardener “tends” to his garden.

4 Tips for Growing a Healthy Sales Garden

1. Pick and plant your seeds carefully. Our sales people are the livelihood of our sales gardens. We want to select the best people out there before planting the sales garden. We can’t just throw our sales seeds in the dirt and expect for them to blossom! As new home sales managers, an important part of our role is to provide our sales teams with all the support they need in order to grow into successful sales superstars.

2. Water the plants regularly. Plants can’t grow if they don’t get adequate water on a regular basis. Our sales teams can’t grow if they don’t get on-going training, resources, and information needed to do their jobs. This is an investment in the future success of your sales garden.

3. Talk to your plants! Every day I encourage the seeds in my garden to grow, grow, grow. (No, I swear I am not crazy; I really did read it is important to talk to your plants. Something to do with oxygen, but who knows?) In our sales garden it is important that we regularly motivate and encourage our sales people for maximum results.

4. Remove the Weeds. Just one weed in the garden can have a detrimental effect on every plant you are trying to grow. Weeds, left unattended, will strangle your plants. Do you have any weeds in your sales garden? If so, it is best to remove them immediately before those bad habits and behaviors spread through the sales garden like wildfire and poison the rest of your team!

So, my challenge to you is to start thinking about your new home sales team as your sales garden. Remember, you really do ‘reap what you sow’. So, let’s create an abundant harvest!

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