Video Mystery Shopping Tip: Every GREAT team starts with a Great Coach! How to coach your team to Super Bowl Success!

Put me in Coach! I'm ready to play!

This month kicks off FOOTBALL season!! Now while I do enjoy a good football game every now and again (Go GIANTS!), I tend to keep my eye more on the ‘coaching’ that takes place ‘off the field’ than what happens on the field. A good team ALWAYS begins with a good COACH!

I mean, let’s think about it………….every team has a certain number of talented players. All the players are good at what they do; they have the experience and know what they should be doing to score for the team. But, if you allowed them to go on the field with no coaching, they would be running around like the proverbial ‘chicken with its head cut off’! They need a COACH to lead and direct that talent….and if you equate that to the new home building industry….that is the sales manager’s job!

When I watch video mystery shops, I see and hear this message loud and clear! New home sales consultants don’t want to fail! They want to succeed! So often I watch sales managers use the video mystery shops as an “I gotcha” tool rather than a learning tool. This is NOT what Video Mystery Shopping is about……no way Jose!

It’s about using the video shop as a learning experience for your sales team to be able to recognize where they excel and understand where they need improvement. Sort of like when a professional football team watches a ‘tape review’ (note: I had to ask Howard what the NFL actually calls their version of video mystery shopping  tapes) of its own team playing another team! They use it as a learning tool for the team. A way to improve and perfect the game! A way to win the Super Bowl!!

Moral of the story: A video mystery shop is just the beginning…………..the training starts now!

Your role as a coach and sales manager is to take the talents, skills, and expertise of your team and create the ‘game plan’ for a winning team! Can you imagine what would happen in sports if there wasn’t a coach? Oyvee!

So, what does a great coach (Sales Manager) need to do to create a winning team of new home sales consultants?

 Mel’s 5 ‘TOUCH DOWN’ tips:

  1. Have each sales person video shopped regularly and watch the video shops! Watch each one at least twice, and take notes on the ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’. Also, have your sales person watch their own shop twice, and ‘score’ themselves! I am always shocked at how differently sales managers and sales people score themselves!
  2. Share your comments with each sales person – but be positive! Ask your new home sales person to share their comments with you FIRST: what worked, what didn’t work, and what could be improved upon. Don’t scold; instead ask ‘what would you have done differently in this situation’. This is how they grow and become successful! Trust me, they are already embarrassed and FULLY aware of the areas they didn’t do well in.
  3. Ask them their professional goals – Set a 30 day goal, a 60 day goal, and a 90 day goal with your new home sales person. Once that has been accomplished, ask them to tell you what specific action steps they will take to achieve these goals. Make sure these goals are realistic. If your sales person says they are going to sell 30 homes this month, and have recently been selling 1 home per month, ‘Houston – we have a problem!’
  4. Hold them accountable – Have your sales team report back to you weekly or bi-weekly to let you know how they are doing. After all, there is no use in having a goal if no one is checking in on you…ever been to Weight Watchers??
  5. Reward the successes! – Be supportive! It’s all about achieving the goal! Let them know when you are proud of their successes! This goes a long way!

If you would like to learn more about how to ‘coach’ your sales team give me a call. At Melinda Brody & Company we offer coaching for new home sales professionals and new home sales managers! Hey, I know how many hats you wear as a sales manager – you are a mentor, problem solver, administrator, accountant, babysitter (some days), psychologist, housekeeper, and everything in between….but….the role of COACH is your primary role! Can you get your team to the Super Bowl?? Are you ready!  Ultimately, you are responsible for your team’s success or failure.

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