Video Mystery Shopping Tip: Recruiting and Retaining GREAT New Homes Sales People

In last week’s blog I discussed the importance of hiring the RIGHT new home sales people the first time. I introduced my B R I G H T tips for interviewing new home sales people. The BRIGHT philosophy is actually part one of my 3 step program called: BRIGHT – MIGHT – LIGHT, all focusing on building the best sales team you can.

 This week, I want to talk to you about Recruiting (MIGHT) and Retaining (LIGHT) the best new home sales people. Your role as a sales manager is to always be on the lookout for new talent.  And, once you attract that new talent, you want to have a system in place to retain your sales superstars. So, here are a few tips I have found helpful in both recruiting and retaining your new home sales team!

Recruiting – MIGHT

M – Marketing: Make sure you have professional and up to date marketing materials representing your company. This includes your website and social media presence as well as the traditional marketing items like brochures and flyers. This is the first impression potential sales people have of your company.

I – Integrity: Always keep the highest level of integrity when recruiting sales people. Remember, this is a small industry with a big mouth and a LONG memory!

G – Get involved:  Don’t just JOIN the local builders association, get involved on a committee. This is the best way to interact with potential sales people in a very non-threatening way.

H – Have patience! Recruiting the right folks doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about building relationships based on trust.

T – Team support: One of the best ways to recruit new home sales talent is to have your sales team work as company ambassadors! Sales people love to talk, and if they love their job, their builder, and their sales manager…. guess what?? They are going to tell others! So, if you lead by example your team will automatically talk about it.  

Retaining – LIGHT

L – Listen to your sales people:  Don’t just ‘run the zone from the throne’. If your sales people have ideas and comments about how things should be done, let them express this to you. You might just be surprised at what you learn! Don’t forget, your sales force is in the trenches everyday!

I – Insight: Don’t work in a ‘new home sales’ vacuum. Look to other industries to learn what they are using as sales retention tools. Be a trail blazer and don’t be afraid to think ‘outside’ of the box when it comes to employee retention.

G – Get your team’s buy in on new programs and procedures. Remember, most folks don’t like change, but if they feel they are part of the change process they will take ownership and be very supportive.

H – Have FUN: Nobody likes working in a place where things are stressful and unpleasant. Schedule some fun time for your team! Make your sales meetings interactive and enjoyable.

T – Training: It is so important to continually provide your sales team with the latest and greatest tools and techniques to adequately do their jobs! Make sure Training is at the top of your list. Invest in your team and they will invest in you!

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