Video Mystery Shopping: Do you go the extra mile for your clients? The case of the Greek yogurt!

As many of you know, eating out at restaurants can often wreak havoc on your diet if you are trying to eat healthy and watch your caloric intake. There always seem to be many tempting items on the menu, but often times not a lot of healthy options. This can be especially true when you are eating breakfast.

I’ve been following a low carb, high protein diet for a while, and my breakfast pattern goes something like this: low-fat cottage cheese, fresh fruit, or high protein yogurt. I know it may not SOUND as good as Eggs Benedict and home fries, but I have become a creature of habit and actually ENJOY the taste!

This is the reason why I was lamenting a couple of weeks ago while I was in Atlanta having breakfast at the Doubletree in Buckhead. I had just finished making a comment to my dining buddies about the lack of a high protein yogurt on the breakfast buffet. Our wonderful waiter, Derek, overheard me and asked: “Do you like Greek yogurt?”  I said that I did, and then he said:  “I have several in my fridge at home. I’ll bring some for your breakfast tomorrow.”

WOW!! I was speechless (and for those of you who know me well, this does NOT happen often!) Talk about going the extra mile to please the customer! Derek went WAY above and beyond the call of duty. I have re-told this story countless times to friends and acquaintances. Derek’s kind gesture has made a lasting impression on me.

As a new home sales consultant or manager, what do you do to go above and beyond your client’s expectations? Are you willing to go the extra mile every time to insure your clients are more than satisfied with your service? What would happen if you made a point of exceeding or surpassing your client’s expectations EVERY day? Make it a challenge this week to go out of your way for your clients! And do it without expecting anything in return. Remember, it doesn’t have to be something elaborate! Oftentimes it is the small simple gesture that leaves the longest lasting impression.

After my experience with Derek, I decided that his manager should be made aware of what happened. So, I personally called her and conveyed to her what a fantastic employee she had in Derek.  Not surprisingly, she was ALREADY aware of what a great employee she had in Derek. You see, this is how Derek treats all of his customers all the time! He goes the extra mile for ALL of his customers, even if it means bringing them Greek yogurt from his own personal refrigerator!

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