Video Mystery Shopping Tip: How to spot sales superstars from outside the industry

The other day I was at Macy’s for the ‘One Day Sale’ (you know, the sale they seem to have every month!), anyway, I was looking specifically for a pair of boots. When I went to the shoe department I was greeted warmly by Megan. Megan asked me questions about what I was looking for in my new boots, how and where I planned to use the boots, what my budget was, and a plethora of other relevant questions regarding boots! I was impressed. She then showed me three pair of boots that were in my price range and met my specific needs and wants.

Megan pinpointed exactly what I wanted in my new boots through questioning and listening!

RESULT: I bought the boots! (and a matching leather handbag  that Megan introduced me to!)

After shopping, my girlfriend Ruth and I headed over to Brio’s in Winter Park for a little post-shopping nourishment (plus, I just had to show off my new boots and purse!) Well, our waiter Raphael came over to take our order and tell us about the specials of the day. I was having a hard time deciding what to eat for lunch. Did I want the salmon or did I want to splurge on pasta?? Raphael completely empathized with my dilemma and began telling me more about my two options. He started by asking questions and (more importantly) really listening to my answers! Finally, he said: ‘Melinda (yes, at this point we were on a first name basis), based on what you have told me, it is clear you should order the salmon. It meets your caloric and carbohydrate requirements, it is not as filling as the pasta, and it is simply delicious!’

Raphael had CLOSED me!

RESULT: I ordered the salmon, and left a 30% tip!

Do you think Megan or Raphael would make good new home sales associates? You bet your bottom dollar they would! They had the core skills needed to make a successful new home sales person. If you are a sales manager in the homebuilding industry, you have an opportunity to recruit new home sales professional every place you go. You see, you can typically train someone to be knowledgeable about the process and logistics of new home sales and construction, but you can’t always teach someone how to be a superstar sales person. These special folks have developed  the personality and skill set needed to be outstanding in sales, no matter what they are selling.

It doesn’t matter if they come from the retail industry, the restaurant industry, or the rock & roll industry! What DOES matter is that they have the essential qualities and skills that make them a shining sales superstar!

So, what are the traits you are looking for in a new home sales potential new hire?

  1. Ability to ask questions, listen and develop rapport
  2. Enthusiastic attitude
  3. Excellent Customer Service Skills
  4. Strong Closing Skills

So, next time you are out and about, pay close attention to those you come in to contact with. You never know where your next top producer will be found!

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