Video Mystery Shopping Tip: To buy, or not to buy….that is the question! What is the answer?

How many times have you been faced with this situation? Two prospective buyers enter your sales office. You happily demonstrate your model (they LOVE it!), show them an available home site (it’s PERFECT for them!), explain the benefits of your community (it has EVERYTHING they want!), and then when you try to get them to move forward on the purchase of their new home they politely explain to you that they are probably just going to make a few improvements to their current home instead.

Your jaw drops, your heart sinks, you realize you have just lost the deal. But instead of losing the deal to the new home builder down the street, you have lost it to the 25-year-old home they are currently living in! Grrrrrr! What is WRONG with these people? Can’t they see the ‘obvious’ reasons for buying a brand new home???

Well, in most cases, the answer is YES! But, the challenge for you is to guide them through the process and explain (and affirm) to them that purchasing a new home is their best option. So, how do you do this? Well, one thing you don’t do is shout out: You idiots! Can’t you see that buying a brand new home is the right choice????

As I have said before many times, people BUY on emotion and justify with LOGIC.  That 25-year-old home your prospects are currently living in is much more than old ‘sticks and bricks’ to them. It is a scrapbook of life’s memories! So, your challenge is to create a new (and improved) scrapbook for them! In other words, you have to get them to emotionally ‘fall in love’ with your product. How do you do this? You ‘romance’ the home! Your prospects have to visualize actually living in the home and the community. Once they form this emotional bond and can really ‘see’ themselves enjoying the home, the community and the home site, it is much easier to ‘let go’ of the past and start planning for the future….in THEIR new home!

The best way to do this is by using trial closes through a strategic questioning process. As you go through the home, engage your prospects! Before you get started, ask them WHAT they love about their current home and what they would change about it. This answer alone will provide you with key information that will help you structure your sales presentation to their specific needs and wants. But, you have to really listen and understand what they are telling you. As you are demonstrating the model, use this information as reinforcement. As you tour each room of the model, ask them HOW they would use the space, WHERE they would place their furniture, WHAT they like best about the layout. Engage, engage, engage….the more involved they become with the house, the more they are starting to visualize themselves living their! Paint a beautiful picture for them of what their lives will REALLY look like if they chose to live in the spacious 4 bedroom Winslow model on the wooded, oversized, corner home site #36 in the beautiful, gated Willow Lakes Reserve community! Allow your prospects to FALL in LOVE!

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