Video Mystery Shopping Tip: The QUEST for ‘The Perfect’ outfit!

Last week I went shopping with my bff Ruth. I was on a mission to find ‘The Perfect’ outfit for my speaking presentation next month at the International Builder’s Show. I had some idea of what I was looking for, I knew the price range I wanted to stay within, and I was pretty sure I wanted to buy my outfit at Ann Taylor. However, I decided to pop into another women’s boutique on the way to Ann Taylor, just to check out my options.

As Ruth and I walked into the boutique we were immediately accosted by an overly aggressive female sales representative! She started talking to us about the fantastic sale that was taking place and how we could save over 50% on select items! Funny, she never asked us ‘what’ it was we were looking for. So, how could she know where to direct us? She told us her name, several times, but never asked us for our names or any other information!  It was pretty obvious that she was a *commission* only employee! Her job was to sell, sell, sell….and it didn’t matter what! Ruth and I were immediately turned off, and quickly snuck out of the store hoping ‘Miss Aggressive’ wouldn’t notice our departure and come chasing after us!

Or next stop was Ann Taylor. We entered the store and were greeted by Ginger, who politely introduced herself to us and began asking questions as to the reason for our visit. She spent time getting to know us, what we were looking to purchase, etc. After about 5 minutes of questioning and listening, Ginger led us to a rack of clothing and there it was……‘The Perfect’ outfit…and it was on sale for 25% off! But, here’s the kicker, I would have bought the dress at full price, because it was EXACTLY what I was looking for! And, the only way Ginger could have known this was through effective questioning and listening to my responses.

Does this experience sound familiar to you? My shopping excursion is not much different from what happens when your prospects arrive at your new home sales office. They have come in with an idea of what they are looking for, they know what their general price range is, and have selected the builders they want to visit. So, let me ask you… your sales presentation more like Ginger’s or Miss Aggressive’s?  Do you take the time to really listen to your prospects to understand what it is they are looking for or do you just try to *sell* them on what you have available?

By the way, if you want to see my ‘Perfect’ outfit (and attend a GREAT sales rally!), be sure to attend the International Builder’s Show on February 9th! See you there!

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