Video Mystery Shopping Tip: Create a ‘buzz’ in your neighborhood! (Eat MORE Pizza!)

As some of you know, I have been on a fitness kick for the past several months. This includes eating properly (plenty of protein!), drinking enough water each day to quench a camel’s thirst for a year, and EXERCISING! While I enjoy exercising, I often seem to have a difficult time squeezing in a good work-out into my day. When I get busy, exercising is usually the first item that I cut from my schedule in order to get all my other tasks done.  Sound familiar?

I know I am not the only person who does this, and I whole-heartedly believe that the health and fitness industry fully understands this as well. This is why I was so impressed with the marketing strategy that Planet Fitness  introduced to keep its clients coming back for more!

On the first Monday of each month Planet Fitness hosts a ‘pizza’ night! That’s right! Come in, work your butt off at the gym, and then enjoy a calorie laden, cheesy, yummy slice of pizza! And, if you aren’t a pizza fan, you can also visit Planet Fitness on the second Tuesday of the month when they host a bagel, cream cheese, and coffee event!

Now, at first this marketing strategy might seem a bit like an oxymoron, but the proof is in the pudding (or in this case, the pizza crust!). The gym is packed on the nights the events are held!  Planet Fitness has created a ‘buzz’ that is helping them retain current clients AND attract new clients. So, what does this mean to those of us in new home sales? It means that there is an opportunity for us to do the same thing for our builder and our new home communities.

Once you realize HOW to tap into your current homeowners to get them to start talking about YOU, you create a buzz that is sure to reward you with referrals, resulting in more new home sales!

Here are some suggestions to ‘create a buzz’ among your current homeowners!

  1. Plan a pizza/movie night at your community clubhouse and have your owners invite their friends to join them.
  2. Ask your interior decorator (or your design center manager) to conduct a mini-workshop for your homeowners in the model that focuses on designer tips and trends.
  3. Plan a pool party or bar-b-q for you homeowners and again, as them to bring a friend.
  4. Offer your current homeowners a $10 Starbucks gift card for every ‘friend or family member’ they refer to your community.
  5. Hire a clown or face-painter to come out on a Saturday afternoon to entertain the children that live in your community!

 There are literally hundreds of creative (and inexpensive!) ways to create a buzz about YOUR community! Get the neighbors involved and happy, and I promise you they will tell their friends about it!

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