Video Mystery Shopping Tip: Can you close better than a 5th grader? Are you CREATIVE?

In my blog series of ‘Can you close better than a 5th grader’ we have covered 2 of the 6 traits that fifth graders possess that make them natural closers. We’ve discussed Curiosity and Confidence. This week I want to talk about another, less obvious trait that makes you a great closer…..Creativity!

Remember when you were in the fifth grade how easily your creativity could be summoned? Think about it….you were given a blank piece of paper and some crayons and you created a masterpiece! Or, you found a stick from an old oak tree in the back yard that miraculously transformed into a mighty sword! Our imaginations allowed us to create new and exciting worlds where we could be princesses and knights, pirates and genies…anything we wanted to be! We ‘painted’ a picture in our minds and our imaginations allowed us to dream it, see it, and believe it!

In new home sales our creativity and imagination are very important when working with our prospects.    We get the opportunity to ‘paint a picture’ for our prospects of what their lives will look like when they purchase one of our new homes!

As you walk your prospects through your model homes encourage engagement!  Be creative and use your imagination as you enter each room of the home. Ask your prospects what they would use the space for. Would it be suitable as their office, study, or scrapbooking room? Get them to start thinking outside of the proverbial box! Allow their imaginations to “paint” a picture of how their furniture would look in the room.

Another great opportunity to use your imagination with your prospects is when you are demonstrating the actual home site! Once you discover what your prospects enjoy doing outside, start painting the picture for them. Do they like to garden? Are they people who like to entertain and cook-out? Do they have children? Do they have a pet? If so, get your creative juices flowing and show them how ideally the home site works for them!

Here are some ideas for being even more creative in your sales presentations!

  1. Come up with a clever nickname for each room of the model that is specific to the prospect. IE., ‘Bob’s man-cave area’, ‘Susan’s sewing room’, ‘Grandpa Joe’s guest room’….you get the idea. You are personalizing the experience for them!
  2. When you are at the home site, bring a tape measure and mark off where their new home will literally be.  Have them pretend to “walk” into their imaginary new home via the front door, show them the views from the different areas of the house.
  3. Use creativity in your follow-up! Instead of just sending a boring letter thanking your prospects for visiting, why not send letter to their dog ‘Fido’? Let Fido know that you would be honored and privileged to build the perfect home for his owners and that you even have selected a special place in the back yard for his NEW dog house to go!

One final word about Creativity……make the process fun! Allow your prospects to get involved and engaged, this is how you tap into their creativity (and make the sale)!

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