Video Mystery Shopping Tip – Can you close better than a 5th grader? Are you a Closing Machine?

This week I continue my blog series ‘Can you close better than a 5th grader?’ by discussing the fifth trait that fifth graders possess that make them natural closers. Fifth graders are typically Closing Machines. Now, if you don’t believe me, take a fifth grader to the mall and see if it is possible to leave without having made a single purchase!

By the time my daughter was in the fifth grade she was the ultimate closer. She was like a dog with a bone when it came to closing! She would not let it go! Sarah had this way of asking for ‘the sale’ that made it next to impossible to deny her. She wasn’t pushy, but she wasn’t shy either. She knew what she wanted, and she know I was her ticket to get it…..the rest was pure logistics!

In new home sales, many sales associates tend to become awkward or embarrassed when it comes to asking for the close. It’s as if they hope (and pray!) that at the end of their sales presentation the prospects will whip out their checkbook and scream ‘GREAT! Where do I sign???

Unfortunately, it typically doesn’t go that way. As a sales person you actually have to ASK for the sale, imagine that! However, this doesn’t have to be some horrifying experience. In fact, it SHOULD be a natural transition from your sales presentation. It should be the obvious next step for your prospects.

Here as some tips to help you become a Closing Machine!

  1. Set the expectations up front. When your prospects arrive set the stage for what will be taking place during their visit. Let them know that if they find the perfect home today, the next step is to purchase it. Give them permission to buy!
  2. Practice trial closes throughout your presentation. This will allow you to get the buy-in from your prospect throughout each critical step of the sales presentation. By doing so, when you get to the close it isn’t a surprise. You are simply reaffirming everything they’ve told you and suggesting that they moving forward. Create solid trial closes for the builder, the community, the home site, and the home.
  3. Create an emotional connection. Remember, people buy based on emotion and justify it logically. SO, allow your prospects to visualize how fabulous their lives will be when they live in the Willow Model, on home site 133 in Arlington Park, built by ABC Builder! Paint them a picture perfect scenario!
  4. Realize that you are in sales; it is your responsibility (and job) to ask your prospects for the sale. Your prospects are looking to you to set the example and lead them through the new home buying process. Take the time to get to know your prospects and earn their trust. Realize you are not just ‘asking for the sale’, you are helping them create a lifestyle and future!
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