Video Mystery Shopping Tip – You are ‘YOUR’ brand, or – the importance of ironing your shirt!

As a national speaker I have the incredible honor of giving presentations to large builder audiences around the country. I enjoy sharing tips, stories, resources and other pertinent sales information to new home sales associates and managers.  It is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I get such a natural high when I look out into the audience and see the look of enthusiasm, empowerment and optimism reflecting in the eyes of the audience. WOW, there really are no words to describe the experience!

When I am on that stage speaking, I am also very aware that I have hundreds of eyeballs staring right back at me too! They are looking at, and making assumptions, based on my clothes, my hair, my shoes, my jewelry and even my posture! In other words, they are making their own personal assessment of me based on what they see. When I am speaking before an audience my persona transforms. I am no longer just Melinda Brody from Altamonte Springs, FL; I become the ‘brand’ of Melinda Brody and Company.

The same is true for you as a new home sales consultant. When your prospects enter your new home sales office, you become the face and ‘brand’ for your builder! Chances are your prospects and clients will NEVER meet the CEO or Division President of your company. In their minds, YOU represent the builder! And, like it or not, you are going to be judged and analyzed based on your appearance, your gestures, and your speech. Your prospects will make assumptions (both true and false) based on how you represent your ‘brand’.

Here are some simple tips to ensure that you are representing your ‘brand’ in the most professional and positive of ways.

  1. Appearance – Take a GOOD (and honest) look at yourself in the mirror (front view and rear view). Is your appearance professional? Do your clothes fit appropriately? Is your hairstyle (and color) up to date? Also, pay close attention to the little things…fingernails, matching socks, freshly pressed/ironed shirts and pants/skirts, and dresses.   I once watched a shop and I would have bet my bottom dollar the sales person had pulled the wrinkled shirt he was wearing straight from the bottom laundry basket! Your appearance is a BIG part of your ‘brand’.
  2. Posture – Stand up straight and tall (make your momma proud!). Nothing is more distracting than a slumped-over sales person! Learn what to do with your hands when standing up. I have a tendency to use my hands (and arms!) a lot when speaking, however when I am on stage I keep this to a minimum so I don’t become distracting (or obnoxious!).
  3. Speech – Slow down and articulate your words. Don’t speed up your sales presentation to sounds like you are one of Alvin’s chipmunks! When you speak slowly and clearly, you show authority and knowledge. Also, be aware of using slang and ‘other’ words that don’t come across professionally. In one video mystery shop I actually counted how many times the sales person said ‘like’. It was ‘like’ so embarrassing, ‘like’ she didn’t really know what she was ‘like’ talking about!
  4. Accessories – What type of writing pen do you use? A Mont Blanc or a plastic Bic? What brand of watch do you wear? A Rolex or a cheap watch from K-Mart?  Do you carry a leather portfolio or keep your files in a plastic Publix bag? Does your jewelry make you look professional or like you are getting ready to head to Harry’s Honky Tonky after work? Remember, these little things make a BIG impression. There is a fine line between tasteful & elegant and tacky & egad!!

When you look your best, you will feel your best. You are after all a ‘brand’, represent it well!

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