Video Mystery Shopping Tip: Want to succeed in sales? Take a hint from the Kardashians!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, one thing is for sure….The Kardashian clan has made a fortune marketing themselves! They have built an empire! From the realty shows and fashion lines, to the fragrances and infamous 72 day marriage…….unless you live under a rock, chances are very good that you know who the Kardashains are! Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and the gang have made themselves a household name. For goodness sakes, even Bruce Jenner is better known these days for being the ‘husband of Mama K’ than he is for being an ex-Olympian superstar and the cute face on the Wheaties box!

So, what is it about the Kardashian’s that intrigues us and makes us pick up the latest issue of US Magazine in the supermarket checkout to read about their latest escapades? The Kardashian family knows how to MARKET themselves. They do it in such an extravagant and well-orchestrated way that we can’t help but be drawn to them. Sort of like the moth that is innately drawn to the light bulb, even though it knows it might get burned.

So, as new home sales professionals WHAT can we learn from the Kardashian’s that will actually help us make more new home sales?  Well, a couple of things. I like to call this the ‘DASH marketing strategy (in honor of the KarDASHians).

D – Don’t let others tell you it can’t be done. Create your own goals, set your own rules, and play your hardest in the game KNOWING that you will succeed.

A –  Act like a SUPER Star! After all, you are a New Home Sales Super Star! So, get out there and strut your stuff. Make yourself well known in the realtor community, attend networking events, introduce yourself to local businesses in the area.

S – Stop waiting for others to make things happen. You have the power to MAKE it happen. Is traffic slow in the sales office? Pick up the phone and make some calls. Having trouble closing the sale? Take a class, read a book, listen to an audio tape. It is YOUR responsibility to perfect YOUR craft.

H –   Have a good support team in place. The Kardashian ladies all know they can count on each other for support, guidance, or an old fashion dose of constructive criticism. Who is supporting YOU in your journey? Hire a coach, join a mastermind group, identify a mentor, in other words….create a strong network of people you trust that have your best interest at heart.

I can’t promise you that by following my DASH marketing strategy you will get a call from Hollywood with an unbelievable offer to star in your own realty TV show, but I can promise you that you will be a stronger, better and more successful new home sales professional.

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