Video Mystery Shopping – The Power of Enthusiasm!

I just completed watching a video mystery shop where the sales person was absolutely FLAWLESS! He followed the ‘critical path’, asked the right questions, mastered the trial closes, and overcame objections with ease and grace. His technique was perfect, but there were other issues. He was what I like to refer to as a ‘text book’ sales person. While he had indeed covered all the important points in the new home sales presentation, one thing was blatantly obvious….he had no personality! I have seen SNAILS with more outgoing personalities than this guy.

It was as if he was just going through the motions and had left his ‘enthusiasm’ at home. Not a good combination. In order to be a Sales Super Star, you not only have to master the sales presentation, you must possess enthusiasm that is contagious! Your prospective buyers are getting ready to PURCHASE a HOME for goodness sakes! Let’s get excited for them.

Now, I am not saying you have to do cartwheels and backflips to show your enthusiasm (although I am sure there are many new home sales associates that would do that!). Instead you must show genuine and sincere interest in everything your prospects say and do that is relevant to their new home purchase. This is the secret to enthusiasm.

Your level of enthusiasm is obvious to your prospects. Trust me when I tell you that they can sense if you are not being sincere or genuine in your presentation.  If you have ever been in a situation where you are dealing with an insincere sales person, you know it is one of the most uncomfortable positions to be in.

So, how do you show enthusiasm with your prospects? Here are five simple tips that you can begin using immediately.

  1. Listen to what your prospects are saying. If you notice that they are asking a lot of questions about the area schools, make sure that you find out WHY. What is important to them about the area schools? Do they have children? How old are they children? What do the kids enjoy doing?
  2. Ask specific (not generic) questions. Don’t just ask your prospects if they ‘like’ the house, ask them to tell you specifically what they like ABOUT the house. Use this as a way to gather important information on what their ‘hot buttons’ are.  For example, if you notice they really like the kitchen design, find out WHY. Do they entertain often? Do they enjoy cooking? What types of meals do they like to cook?
  3. Make eye contact. By making eye contact you are not just showing respect for your prospects, you are engaging with them! You are letting them know you are interested in what they have to say.
  4. Speak clearly and articulate your words. If you are a typically ‘soft speaker’ try raising your voice a little bit. If you are a monotone speaker, trying using more fluctuation in your conversation. If you speak fast (like I do), try to slow down your pace to match theirs.
  5. SMILE. It has been proven that people (and society in general) judge us by our smile and teeth.  (Going to the dentist regularly is a GIVEN for salespeople!) People who smile often appear healthier, happier, and more approachable and trust worthy than those who do not. Also, smiling is contagious!

So there you have it folks, five simple ways to be enthusiastic with your clients…..and no gymnastics required!

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