Video Mystery Shopping: Take advantage of YOUR association!

It seems over the past couple of months, I have been getting more and more speaking inquiries and opportunities with home builder’s associations from across the country. John Palumbo, Meredith Oliver and I just recently spoke to sell out audiences at two home builder’s associations in Canada, and will be heading to Charlotte, NC in September to speak to their group. The home building industry seems to be making a huge come back with regards to association involvement and participation, and I couldn’t be happier!

Your local home builders association is a vital part of your professional career. In addition to the fabulous networking opportunities and educational programs they offer, industry associations allow you the chance to form strong relationships with peers and work together to make a positive difference for the homebuilding industry.

The past few years were tough for many trade associations. Staff had been eliminated, budgets were cut and overall, builder participation and membership was down.  Not a good thing at all for your professional trade association!

But lately I have noticed a shift in the wind. Builders associations are coming back bigger and better than ever. I believe the positive changes that I have witnessed this past year truly do reflect the state of our industry. Dare I say that positive feeling about the home building industry is back? You bet your bottom dollar I do!

The Sales and Marketing Councils (SMC) are always a driving force for any home builders association. This is a group of crazy and creative sales and marketing people for goodness sakes, what else would you expect?  Everyone is ‘thinking outside the box’ this year with program and events. I attended a program a few months ago put on by the Tampa Bay Builder’s Association in which they had a panel of experts in the building industry speaking to over 100 Realtors about to SELL new homes. It was phenomenal! These are the types of programs that will help to revitalize the industry!

Bottom line, if you are not involved with your local builders association……get involved. It is a key component to not only YOUR success, but the industry’s overall success as well. Get involved!

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