Video Mystery Shopping: Four magic words: What’s Important to YOU?

What if I told you there were four magic words that if used properly would increase your sales? Would you begin using them? Of COURSE you would. Well, there are four words (not necessarily magic) that will increase your sales performance every time. Those words are (DRUM ROLL please)……What’s Important to YOU?

In many of the video mystery shops that I review, I notice that sales people have an overwhelming urge to tell their new home prospects EVERYTHING they can about the home, the community, the warranty, the construction process, the energy efficiency, the builder’s story, blah blah blah. While ALL of this information is important, it more important to remember that too much information (or ‘feature dumping’) can totally overwhelm your prospects.

I suggest that before you introduce the community, builder, models or anything else, you use the four magic words as your ‘transitional’ phrase. For example, before viewing the model home ask your prospects: What’s IMPORTANT to you in a new home?

Not only will this get the dialogue rolling, it will also allow you to personalize your sales presentation to meet your prospect’s specific needs. Other important times to use the magic words:

  1. What’s IMPORTANT to you in a new home builder?
  2. What’s IMPORTANT to you in a home site?
  3. What’s IMPORTANT to you in your new home community?

Each time you ask them this question, they will be revealing to YOU their needs, wants and desires for their new home. If they tell you that energy efficiency is IMPORTANT to them, then by all means make that a big focus in your presentation. If they tell you that a good warranty is IMPORTANT to them, break out the warranty manual and go to town discussing the value and merits of your builder’s warranty program. You see, the trick is making sure that you are talking to your prospects about things that matter to THEM. It doesn’t matter if you think the community club house is the best thing since sliced bread if your prospects could care less about amenities.

Trust me when I tell you that your job will become MUCH easier when you start asking the ‘What’s IMPORTANT to you’ question. Instead of trying to tell your prospects EVERYTHING under the sun about the home, you will create a much more targeted presentation. And, let’s face it….if it isn’t IMPORTANT to them, it isn’t going to affect them when it comes to making a home buying decision. You want to uncover their hot buttons and sell directly to those hot buttons. That’s what’s really IMPORTANT.

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