Video Mystery Shopping: Why ‘have you been to our website’ might just be the most important question in new home sales today!

Home builders invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in their company websites. They hire top-notch techies, graphic designers, copywriters and SEO experts to do everything within their realm of expertise to make sure the web sites are engaging, interactive, educational and informative.  Savvy home builders KNOW that an overwhelming majority of ALL people will look at a website before actually every stepping foot into a sales office and purchasing a new home. They also KNOW that when a person enters the sales office and HAS looked at the company website, it is likely they have seen something that enticed them to make a physical trip to the community. You see, people use website to ‘eliminate’ their choices. So, if someone steps into your sales office that has been to your website…..chances are they are more than just ‘tire-kickers’.

This is why I always scratch my head in wonder when I am watching a video mystery shop and the sales person never ONCE asks the prospect if they have been to the website. Are they CRAZY? This should be one of the FIRST questions the sales person asks each and every prospect! Actually, this could probably be considered one of the MOST important questions to ask in now home sales. Period!

Let’s face it, people are doing their homework and research on the internet LONG before they make a buying decision. In new home sales, you can be sure that your prospects have spent some time on your website (as well as that of your competition). They do this in order to prequalify which builders and communities they think will meet their specific needs.

Usually, it is only AFTER they have done their on-line research that they make the trip to the sales office. By the time they walk in your sales office chances are they know A LOT more about your community, your floor plans and your builder than you think. So, why wouldn’t you ASK if them?

By asking them if they have visited the website you will gain valuable information that will enable you to personalize and fine tune your presentation.

Many builders consider those who have been online prior to visiting the sales office to be a ‘be back’ as opposed to a first time walk in. We ALL know that we have a better chance of converting a ‘be back’ into a buyer versus a first timer, right?

So, I ask you…why in the world would you NOT find out if they have been to the company website? You have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain.

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