Video Mystery Shopping: Don’t gamble on your career! Head to Vegas, baby!


Imagine this….you are in Vegas sitting at a high stakes blackjack table….you are holding a seven and a nine…that’s a total of 16. Do you ‘stay’ or ‘take a hit’? It’s a gamble either way. If you ‘stay’ it is doubtful you will beat the dealer with a measly sixteen. If you hit, chances are high that you will surpass the goal of 21. So, what do you do??

In this particular situation, the statistics waiver on what you should do. Most agree that it really depends on WHAT cards the dealer is holding. Either way, you run the risk of losing.

However, I have a better scenario for you to think about!

Imagine this….you are in Vegas sitting in the audience at the International Builders’ Show Super Sales Rally…on the stage are top sales trainers and speakers sharing with you proven sales techniques and tips that will increase your business and your bottom line…, that’s a sure bet!

When you invest in yourself and your business, the chances are MUCH higher that you will leave Vegas a winner, not a loser. So, mark your calendars and make plans to attend the National Association of Home Builder’s (NAHB) International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas January 22 – 24, 2013.

IBS is the largest annual new home construction show in the world!  There are more than 100 educational sessions (featuring national renowned speaker)s will be conducted over the four day show. More than 55,000 builders, remodelers and other members of the home building industry are expected to attend the event. You can’t afford to miss this tremendous opportunity!

I will be presenting two times at the show and would LOVE to have you in the audience!

“The Super Sales Rally….Bring It”   January 23    9:00-11:30AM (speaking along with John Palumbo, Kerry Mulcrone and Meredith Oliver)

“POP! 30 Secrets to Building and Managing a Firecracker Sales Team!” January 22    10:30-12:00 (with Kathie McDaniel and John Palumbo)

So, gamble on a sure winner….head to Vegas for the International Builder’s Show!


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