Video Mystery Shopping: How’s YOUR Approach and Introduction?

Did you know the first five minutes of your sales presentation can actually ‘Make or Break’ the sale? It’s true what they say, you only have once chance to make a great first impression! In sales, this is even more important because you know your prospects are actually visiting multiple communities, so you’ve got some competition going on!

I have watched literally thousands of video mystery shops, and I am always amazed at how BORING some of the approach and introduction segments are! In some cases, I have actually seen sales people sit at their desk, and simply yell out to the prospects: ‘The models are to your left if you want to see them’. Really?? That is an acceptable approach??

Trust me, I know there are days when we certainly FEEL like doing that, but honestly, you owe it to everyone that enters your sales office to provide them with a warm, welcome and pleasant experience. After all, they have made the effort to drive out to see you, your community and your models!

If Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt were to arrive at your sales office unexpectedly, do you think you would get up off your duff and enthusiastically GREET them? Of course you would! You would  give them the red carpet treatment! So, why not do this for every one?

When prospects enter your sales office, they are coming into your ‘home’! Make them feel like they are part of the family! When you have visitors to your house, how do you act? Do you offer them something to drink? Do you make them the focus of your undivided attention? If you don’t, you should!

Here are five tips for creating a winning Approach and Introduction for your prospects.

  1. Upon arrival, enthusiastically walk over and greet your prospects with a smile and a handshake! Let them know you are happy to see them!
  2. Introduce yourself, your builder and your community and then ask them for their names. IE., “Hi, I am Melinda with ABC Builders, welcome to Sparkling Oaks!”
  3. Offer your prospects something to drink. This is a good ice-breaker, and also just a polite gesture.
  4. Allow time to build some rapport before launching right into the sales pitch. Ask them some general questions about how they found your community, what brings them out, where they are from, what they are looking for.
  5. After the small talk is over, ask your prospects how much time they have to spend with you and then set the stage for how you all will be spending this time together.

You see, it really isn’t hard to create a positive first impression. And, if Brad and Angelina don’t ever make it to your model center, remember, every prospect deserves the ‘red carpet’ treatment.

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