Video Mystery Shopping: Sale + Service = Satisfaction!

Earlier this month I spent a week in Vegas attending the International Builders Show. It was a fabulous! Seeing old friends, meeting new people, speaking in front of engaged audiences, heck, I even squeezed in some time to hike the Red Rock Canyon!  There was however, one part of the trip that I was not happy about. I was so unhappy about it, that I’ve decided to make it my blog topic this week.

Let me explain, when I go to the International Builder’s Show each year, I stay for a week. I usually select a hotel that is within walking distance of the convention center. As a speaker, I have to be at the convention center throughout the day and the idea of waiting for a shuttle bus to transport me did not appeal to me. So, this year I decided to make the Las Vegas Hotel my home away from home for the week.

The hotel staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when I called to book my reservations. I am in no way a Diva, but when I travel for extended periods of time I do have certain room requests. “Not a problem at all Ms. Brody,” chirped the front desk reservationist when I explained my rooming needs. So, the HOTEL got ‘the sale’.

Everything was fine……until I checked it. What’s the old saying about Murphy’s Law? Anything that can go wrong – will go wrong. That would sum up my experience at this hotel. Here is a sampling of just a few of the ‘challenges’ that I was faced with!

  1. Because the hotel was sold out, I was given a handicap accessible room, complete with a hand held shower head that flooded the bathroom not once, not twice, but three times!
  2. The television in my room did not work, and no one at the front desk seemed to want to be bothered by fixing it.
  3. While I was TRYING to relax at the hotel’s spa by soaking in the ladies hot tub, a MALE maintenance man decided it was time to begin repairs on the ladies steam room. Now, this may not sounds like much….but, I was scantily clad at the time (to say the least) and I was in the WOMEN’S facility….so, a big, burly maintenance man is NOT what I was expecting!
  4. The hotel was overbooked, which meant that every restaurant, café, gift shop, etc. was packed. The employees were not friendly; in fact in some cases they were downright RUDE!
  5. Upon checkout, the hotel clerk argued with me over an incorrect charge on my statement. She said, and I quote, “I have worked here for 35 years and I am NEVER wrong!” Really??

Boy, was I happy to get back to Orlando! Upon return, I decided to write a letter to the general manager about the lack of service and the unprofessionalism I had experienced. He responded to me and as a ‘peace’ offering said he would upgrade me to a SUITE at the hotel the next time I was in Vegas. Now, wait a minute…..I had just experienced the worst possible service EVAH, why in the world would I go back for more? I politely explained all of this to him, and he FINALLY got it. He deducted $300 off my bill. So, what does this have to do with new home sales? Everything! As a new home sales person, your job truly BEGINS once the sale is made….you see, it is the SERVICE that folks will remember. And, if that service is good, they will refer and recommend you time after time. If however, like in my case, the service sucks… can bet your bottom dollar word will get out. Remember, Sales + Service = Satisfaction. If you are not providing the service, you are not completing the sale.

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