Video Mystery Shopping: Qualify your way to the Sale!

One of the very most important aspects in new home selling is QUALIFYING your prospects. I mean, if they aren’t ready, willing and able to buy your home, you aren’t selling them. You are being a new home sales tour guide…a modern day Julie McCoy (for all those Love Boat fans out there!). Too many times I view video shops in which the sales person never once asks the prospects any qualifying questions. Or, they wait until the very end of the presentation and then BOMBARD the prospect with a plethora of questions which comes across as unnatural, overwhelming and a bit offensive!

So, what’s the right way to qualify your prospects? Well, you start at the very beginning. The moment the prospect WALKS in your door! Find out how they heard about your community. Chances are they have been to your company website and saw something that sparked their interest. It’s your job to find out! Also, always ask your prospects how much time they have to spend with you. This allows you to set the stage for the entire presentation.

Next, find out about their circumstances. Why are they moving? What is their time frame? Who is moving into the home? Do they have a home to sell? Where else are they looking?

Then, start to get details on what they are specifically looking for. How many bedrooms? Do they like one story or two story plans? What’s important to them in a new home? How much money do they want to spend? Have they spoken to a lender?

Asking these simple questions at the beginning allows you to give a much more detailed sales presentation based on your prospects specific wants and needs.

Think about this….when you are sick and go to the doctor, the first thing the doctor does is ask questions to determine what is wrong with you. That’s the ONLY way he/she is going to be able to provide you with a remedy, right? Well, imagine that YOU are the Doctor of New Home Sales. It’s your job to ask the right questions in order to find the perfect home for your prospect!


Question your prospects at the beginning of the presentation

Uncover buying motivators…why, when, what and how!

Ask MORE questions throughout the entire presentation

Listen to what your prospects say, and also what they DON’T say

Identify prospect’s hot buttons

Focus on the buyer…..not on you!

Yes! You have qualified and now you have moved closer to making the sale!!

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