Video Mystery Shopping – Finding balance in an unbalanced world

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Last year, I made a BIG decision. I decided NOT to work on weekends. Now, some of you might be saying…..that’s not a big decision! No one works on weekends! But, my guess is a large majority of you are gasping right now and thinking ‘NOT work on weekends??? Are you kidding me? I would never be able to get IT ALL done if I didn’t have weekends to CATCH UP!’

I know all you new home sales people are required to work weekends, but you still get two days off during the week, right? So, this would be considered YOUR weekend. Now….here is the BIG question….do you REALLY take those two days off? Or, are you returning phone calls, sending out e-mails, working on follow-up, racing to the office to meet with clients/prospects/buyers?

I was speaking with a New Home Sales associate this week about this very topic. She was telling me she had worked 6 or 7 days straight for the past 6 months. SIX MONTHS?!?! Really? Granted, the home building industry has picked up immensely in the past 2 years, but does it really require that you work seven days a week without ever having a day off?

Here’s what happens when you work six or seven days a week for an extended period of time……you BURN OUT. When you burn out you get resentful, tired, and CRANKY. You have to make the time to unplug and recharge your batteries in order to stay fresh, alert and energized.

When I began to consciously NOT work on weekends, my world changed! I started going to the beach more. I took up hiking. I spent much more quality time with family and friends! And, ya know what? I became a happier more balanced person. When we take time off, it allows us to gain a new perspective on life.  We begin to realize that work (while very important) does not have to be the only priority in our lives.

I know we are all super busy, and the idea of totally ‘unplugging’ for two solid days might seem unfathomable. But, trust me on this one; it is critical to your mental well-being.

My advice is to ‘schedule’ your time off the same way you schedule an appointment. Put it in your day timer and stick to it! Make a list of ten things you really want to do during your time off and start treating these activities like important appointments that you would not dare miss!

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