Video Mystery Shopping: Sell the home site – Demo the Dirt!

field of grass and perfect skyBelieve it or not, there is a tried and true method to selling a home in the new home industry. It’s a pretty simple formula. If you follow this 4 step program, I promise you that you will see an increase in new home sales!

  1. Sell the Builder
  2. Sell the Community
  3. Sell the Home
  4. Sell the Home site

Now, in most cases new home sales people do a pretty good job of selling the builder, the community and the home. However, when it comes to selling the actual home site they often fall short. When selling the other three, the new homes sales associate has a myriad of resources and tools to help with the presentation (a builder’s story, community information and a decked out model!). But, when it comes time to sell the home site (one of the most important pieces of the process) they only one thing to show – DIRT!

So, how do we take this barren, boring empty lot and transform it into a super, sexy potential home site to our prospects?  The answer it simple – Visualization!

You have to get your prospects to visualize living on that home site! So, how do you do this? Well, here are a couple of tips:

  1. Use the word home site instead of lot. This is a small but significant step in helping your prospects visualize. Which would you rather live on, a ‘lot’ or a ‘home site’?
  2. Physically take your prospects out to the home site. You are doing yourself and your prospects a major disservice if you don’t physically walk the home site. Most people can’t visualize what a new home looks like from looking at just a floor plan; the same is true with the home site. Also, by setting foot on the home site you are establishing a sense of ownership that can’t be garnered looking at a site map.
  3. ASK your prospect questions about what they like to do outside. Engaging your prospects on how they would use the outdoor space is the most important thing you can do. Once you find out what it is they like to do outside, you can then paint the picture for them. If they like to garden, point out an area that would be excellent for planting. If they have children, demonstrate how the yard space could accommodate a back yard jungle gym or swing set! Point out the obvious! IE., the beautiful trees or the spacious back yard.
  4. Trial close them on the home site. You want your prospects to ‘fall in love’ with the home site the same way they fall in love with the home. Here’s a tip, while you are physically standing in their potential new back yard, ask your prospects if they can “see” themselves enjoying a glass of wine after work while sitting in their back yard watching their children run and play with Fluffy the dog as the sun quietly sets behind the canopy of the trees.

It’s all about visualization and painting that ideal picture for your prospects.

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