Video Mystery Shopping – Realtors, Realtors, Realtors!

Business people in officeIt seems as though new home sales people have always had a ‘love/hate’ relationship with the Realtor community. I never fully understood why. It’s seems like a pretty simple formula for increasing sales if you ask me.

  1. Let Realtors know about your community
  2. Realtors bring their clients to your community
  3. You sell these people a home!


Ironically, in the past few weeks I have spoken to several of my clients that are incorporating big Realtor events into their marketing plans. These builders are hosting Realtor events, creating big promotions with expensive prizes,   and basically doing whatever they can to entice the Realtors to visit their communities. I love it! As I have said before, Realtors are your secret weapon. If you develop a strong network with the right Realtors, your job becomes much easier. It is often said that generating leads to sales offices can be one of the most challenging aspects of the job. When you have a ‘team’ of Realtors that you have built strong relationships with, they become an integral part of your lead generation.

So, if the builders are doing their part to get the Realtors out to the communities, what can YOU do to help support these efforts?

  1. Find out who the key Realtors are in your geographic area and price range. Once you have identified who they are, make a point to visit the office and meet the players. This will give you a chance to let them know about your community.
  2. Look at your sales report from the past year; see which Realtors are actually bringing buyers to your community. Give them a call to thank them for their support. Better yet….take them to lunch!
  3. Reach out to the branch managers of the top real estate offices in your area and offer to bring bagels to the next sales meeting in exchange for getting 10 – 15 minutes  to talk about your community with the group.
  4. Use social media to keep in contact with your Realtors. Whether it is via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, keep them posted on what’s happening in your community.
  5. Start a Realtor e-newsletter. Each month send this to your Realtor database, and include a ‘call to action’, perhaps it is something as simple as having a weekly drawing for a $25 gas card or Panera gift card for all the Realtors that have brought a prospect to your community.

Realtors, Realtors, Realtors…..they really are your secret sales weapon.

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